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Start page.New Images every week Different pictures of best quality sexy girls.Actuall information updated every week. Top profiles of sexy ladies from Russia.
Top 10 girls of the week Best 10 profiles of the week. Many pictures and contact info of girls from Ukraine and Belorussia. E-mail addresses, phone translations, life chat. Meet them in the real world. They are waitink for you.
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ALISA_GIRL_2000 ALISA SEXY GIRL,Russian sexy lady,love tours,woman pictures,free profile.Ukrainian sex tours,Russia romance tour.
Personal profile of a nice sexy Russian woman, looking for friendship and love. Other women profiles available too.
ANTONINA_GIRL ANTONINA SEXY GIRL,Ukrainian woman, town Ternopol. Free profile, contact information, Ukraine
Sexy Russian woman looking for husband and love. Other women profiles.
ARMINA_GIRL ARMINA SAFARYAN- SEXY RUSSIAN GIRL from Moscow. I'm a beautiful brunette 21 years old from Moscow with brown eyes and wonderful smile:)I'm sociable,honest,interesting funny girl with sense of humour. i study at Moscow university of management
I'm happy in my life but like every person i need someone special to be near me, and i'm really waiting for my soulmate. let's do some steps to knowing each other!
DIANA_82_GIRL DIANA MURATOVA-SEXY RUSSIAN GIRL from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: Where are you my lovely man?! It's me yours....
Hi, i am beautiful and sexy lady I have a nice body (84-60-86) I want creation family with good and lovely man.
ELENA_DONOVA ELENA DONOVA-SEXY RUSSIAN GIRL from Saratov: HELLO! I am kind, cheerful , very tender and feminine Russian lady. I absolutely love dancing, especially latin, music, fine arts, ocean, mountains and roses.I'm 21 years old, living in Saratov- city on the right bank of the river Volga, not far from Moscow.
I'm looking for a really exceptional person -my man... we could explore things that you havent been even dreaming about..I know what is to love somebody and to feel loved and I love the feeling when there's intimacy between two, and honesty, and real friendship.
ELENA_GIRL_24 ELENA KUZNETSOVA-SEXY UKRAINIAN GIRL from Ukraine: Iam 24 years old ,178sm,68 kg I am very romantic with many interest like sport,health life style,music etc
Looking for a man only for serious relations and marriage I wish he be honest,loyal,family oriented and romantic.
ELLA_GIRL_83 SEXY RUSSIAN GIRL from Russia: I like sports, especially tennis and swimming.
I'm looking for: a man who wants to have a family and serious treatments.
ELLIE_GIRL_81 ELLIE MEYTINA-SEXY RUSSIAN GIRL from Saint Petersburg, Russia: I work as a translator. Interests: languages, sport, reading, dancing, travelling Languages: English-fluent, German-ok.
I'm looking for: Nice, intelligent, kind, caring, goal-oriented man for creating a healthy family together.
EVGENIYA_GIRL EVGENIYA-SEXY RUSSIAN GIRL from Vladivostok, Russia: I like travelling, dancing and others. If you want to know about me send me mail with photo.
I'm looking kind, strong, generous and jolly man, who will be love me very much.
LADY_GABY_2000 GABY SEGURA-SEXY PERUANIAN GIRL from Lima, Peru: I love to travell, learning others cultures, I'm home loving and caring.
I'm looking an European man, honest, lovely educated and with homor sense.
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